Green Yoga Budi mat holder, strap and yoga blocks
Green Yoga Budi mat holder, strap and yoga blocks
green yoga purse for strap
green pads for knees

Green Yoga Budi Accessory Set

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The green Yoga Budi Accessory Set includes a Yoga Budi, pad and purse all in green. Purchase the accessories as a set at a discounted price so that you have all the equipment you need for your practice.

  • Yoga Budi - made from sustainable bamboo fibre and the strap is made from 100% cotton. Fits most yoga mats up to 6mm thick. Wipe clean, durable and biodegradable.
  • Pads - yoga elbow and knee pads in dense foam to add comfort to your practice and support pressure points during poses. Fit neatly inside Yoga Budi blocks so you can easily carry them with you to your class. Great for knees, wrists and elbows. Come in a pack of 2. Size: 120mm diameter x 16mm thick.
  • Purse - holds your valuables and threads onto your Yoga Budi strap. Made from PU vegan leather. Size: 210mm x 120mm (fits iphone plus).

All items available in other colours and individually. Colour shades may vary.