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How much does shipping cost at Yoga Budi? 

All shipping to the UK is free! Please see the shipping policy for international shipping rates. Please click here.

What is a Yoga Budi? 

Yoga Budi is a new eco-friendly multi-functional yoga accessory. It is comprised of two lightweight bamboo fibre yoga blocks , specifically engineered to hold a mat in between. The carrying strap links the two blocks together and can be detached to use as a yoga strap to increase flexibility. Bringing together everything you need for your practice. 

How many uses does a Yoga Budi have? 

Yoga Budi has four main uses. It carries your mat, can be used as 2 yoga blocks, contains a detachable yoga strap and can hold your valuables during your practice. 


Is Yoga Budi hygienic? 

Yes, unlike most foam blocks, Yoga Budi can easily be wiped down after every use, it can even go in the dishwasher. There are stats suggesting that a yoga studio floor gets cleaned more thatheir yoga equipment so it is so much more hygienic to bring and use your own.

Is Yoga Budi eco-friendly? 

Yes! At Yoga Budi we are passionate about making small changes to help our planet. All our products are ethically sourced and from sustainable resources. Each Yoga Budi is made from bamboo fibre, the fastest and most sustainable tree, providing durability and if planted in the ground they are biodegradable. The straps are made from natural 100% cotton and the purses are vegan PU leather. The mats are made from natural rubber with a polyurethane top layer.

How to I assemble my Yoga Budi?

Easily put your Yoga Budi together with this handy tutorial video. Thread the strap through the slots on the Yoga Budi to form a carrying strap, this enables you to carry your mat. Ensure the strap is pulled tight to secure it and twist the budis to allow the mat to expand to the fill the Yoga Budi, this is particularly important for thinner mats that roll up smaller.

How does Yoga Budi help my yoga practice? 

By using yoga blocks and yoga straps in your practice, you will see faster progress in your abilities as straps are well known to help increase flexibility and blocks can add extra length. Blocks also help to support asanas, aiding balance. 

Is a yoga mat included in a Yoga Budi? 

No, a yoga mat is not provided in the standard Yoga Budi set, although we do have our own range of mats suitable for any yoga type. They are made from natural rubber with an absorbent top polyurethane layer to enhance grip during hot practices. A Yoga Budi can fit onto most mats from 1.5mm up to 6mm thick (which is the vast majority of yoga mats), meaning that you can use your own mat if you have one. 

Are their any add-ons for my Yoga Budi? 

Additional accessories have been cleverly designed to integrate with the Yoga Budi such as a purse for valuables that attaches onto the strap, and knee and elbow pads which fit neatly inside the blocks when carrying. Bringing together everything you need for your practice. 


I have a problem with my purchase, what do I do? 

We want to know about any problems you have so drop us an email or call us to chat, we are real people and will deal with your queries as soon as possible. Find our contact details here. 


As with all yoga, practice safely and seek advice from a trained yoga teacher before attempting poses that are outside of your comfort zone or if you have any injuries.