Our story

We wanted to create an eco-friendly yoga block that helps you carry all your yoga essentials to your practice.

For the last six years, yoga has been an important part of our lives. Initially started for fitness and flexibility, the benefits we gained from regular practice turned out to be so much more. From relaxation and stress relief to meeting like minded people, when you take up yoga you gain a way of life.

Group yoga class community

We loved having the piece of mind that our personal mats were hygienic and we could carry them easily wherever our practice took us. Blocks were a different story, we struggled to find blocks that were convenient to carry. Like most people, we ended up having to use communal blocks and straps often provided in class or none at all. We wanted to bring all this equipment together into one easy to carry accessory.


Our mission is to make all yoga accessories accessible! Our multi-functional accessories enable you to carry all your personal, hygienic equipment stress free, meaning that you do not need to compromise on what you take to your class. Having everything in one portable carrier so that you are ready to begin your flow whenever the opportunity arises.


Our ethos is simple. We want to support you find peace with yourself and peace

Yoga budi bamboo fibre pot

with the planet. We recognise that by small acts of kindness to our planet we can make big changes. All our products are ethically sourced using eco-friendly materials, and we use no plastic in the products or packaging. Our signature budis are made from bamboo fibre, a sustainable material derived from the fastest growing tree. Once the bamboo is powdered and moulded they are strong and durable to use. As they are a natural product they are also biodegradable, if they are planted in the ground they will decompose in 1 to 2 years.


Our founders are a family team, grown from ideas and enthusiasm around a kitchen table, brought together by yoga. We thank you for supporting our small business and sharing our vision.