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Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Budi

  The answer to your question may be written below, if not feel free to contact us at info@yogabudi.com and we will get back to you.   What is a Yoga Budi?  Yoga Budi is a new eco-friendly multi-functional yoga accessory. It is comprised of two lightweight bamboo fibre yoga blocks , specifically engineered to hold a mat in between. The carrying strap links the two blocks together and can be detached to use as a yoga strap to increase flexibility. Bringing together everything you need for your practice.  How many uses does a Yoga Budi have?  Yoga Budi has four main uses. It carries your mat, can be used as 2 yoga blocks, contains a detachable yoga strap and can hold your valuables during...

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Top Health Reasons To Do Yoga

You know that yoga makes you feel good, but what exactly are the medical benefits behind this and how does it impact on your mind and body? Learn the top 7 health benefits of your yoga practice to give you some extra motivation to roll out your mat.

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